Sophisticated music game

SongArc is a music game that will test your rhythm.

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  • Innovative take on the play-along music game genre
  • Lets you create your own sheets
  • Busy community of users who upload sheets
  • Makes it easy to discover game sheets you might like
  • Plenty of in-game help


  • Sometimes crashes when trying to connect
  • Confusing at first

Very good

SongArc is a music game that will test your rhythm.

How does SongArc work?

SongArc is like a more sophisticated version of Guitar Hero or Rock Band. The idea of the game is that you must 'play' notes, represented by falling symbols, as a song plays, as well as hitting drum patterns. You can play along to any song on your device.

SongArcs works by using 'sheets' that are pre-programmed with the falling symbols that drop in time with the music. You can download sheets for songs created by the SongArc community, and if a sheet doesn't exist you can create it yourself using the built-in editor. 

Like playing a real instrument

Unlike many other play-a-long mobile music games which crudely mirror real life instruments (usually guitars), SongArc feels like an instrument in itself that needs practice to master. Symbols fall across a scientific spectrum which must be caressed properly in order to succeed, with points being awarded for combos.

SongArc is a bit confusing when you first start so we'd recommended that you watch the video tutorials included in the app before you begin. Once you've grasped the concept though, it's just a case of playing and refining your talents, which becomes a great way to while away some time.

Vibrant user interface

SongArc is immediately striking for its vibrant, multi-colored interface which has a psychodelic feel to it. It seems pretty cluttered at times though with lots of options appearing on screen at once, particularly on the main menu and in the sheet editor.

The verdict

SongArc is a fun music game with huge potential. Elements of the presentation feel quite 'raw' and it's a bit buggy, but once you get into it, it's easy to get hooked.

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